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Amino acids, velvet deer antler, GABA, colostrums

Amino acids, pituitary, phospatides, ginseng

Amino acids, GTF Chromium, Tribulus, Terrestris, GABA



6 sprays & 4 capsules

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These are all HGH releasers which means that they are increasing the level of human growth hormones which is gets released into your body but the first two GenF20 and GenFX are anti-aging capsules while HyperGH 14x is a muscle gainer. The common thing is that these products are going to increase the production of HGH but there are many differences and one of those can be seen in the case of comparing the first two anti-aging products. There are reasons why one of those is rated #1 while the other one GenFX is right behind it.


The fact is that GenF20, GenFX and HyperGH 14x are getting more and more popular on the internet and there are lots of people who want to look younger and to make their bodies look perfectly shaped and that is why they are ordering these capsules online every single day. Some of the differences that you are going to notice, for example, if you use all these products (not at the same time) is that the number of the capsules that you have to take per day is not the same, and also there is a spray as well. All that combined you get a great program for anti-aging or for gaining muscles. The ingredients are also different and in all of them you are going to find amino acids, but in GenF20 you are going to find GABA and velvet deer antler as well, and that is only one example.


When it comes to the success rate, it is quite similar for GenF20, GenFX and HyperGH 14x. The only difference is that GenFX has a little bit lower success rate and that is why it is rated as a #2 anti-aging product while GenF20 is still number one. That is what you need to know before you order these products and also don’t forget to check the money back guarantee. For some of the products you are going to get 67 or 60 and for GenFX the money back guarantee is 90 days. These are also some of the parameters that you have to be aware of when purchasing the products online. It is obvious that everyone is looking for the best products but there is a reason why #2 products are on the list as well - we are talking about GenFX. You only need to take one capsule per day if you go for this product and that is one of the advantages for sure.


All in all, every product has its advantages and there are also parameters that are not going to satisfy you but everyone needs to decide for themselves when it comes to ordering on the internet. One thing is for sure though - GenF20, GenFX and HyperGH 14x are on top of the lists.

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